Interested in Becoming a Certified Master?

We’ve put together the highlights of the process here. To learn more about this deep learning experience, contact Renee Harness for a conversation at 317-489-3335.

1. Workshop Facilitation

Facilitate 12-15 workshops

2.Monthly Coaching by Primary, Secondary and Outsight Mentors

Monthly for 12-15 months
Focus: Practices, LPI, Facilitation

3. Complete LPI Coach Training

Attend the Training
Conduct 30-50 LPI Coaching Sessions

4. Masters Give Back (MGB)

Co-facilitate workshop arranged by certified master
Organize and facilitate your own MGB

5. Attend Annual TLC Summits and Forums

2 Minimum
Present current content as possible

6. Secondary Mentors

Work closely with two CMs
Facilitation, TLC Community Projects

7. Meet Jim and Barry

Jim conducts ‘entry’ interview
Meet, collaborate as possible
Barry conducts CM approval

8. Contribute to the TLC brand

Articles for TLC newsletter
Speaking Engagements
Social Media Presence

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