Interested in Becoming a Certified Master?

Once you’ve experienced The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and the Leadership Practices Inventory®, you know the life-changing impact that these experiences can have for leaders at every level. If you want to go deeper, learn more, and become a champion of The Leadership Challenge, consider becoming a Certified Facilitator. Or, if you’ve determined that you want to become an expert in The Leadership Challenge, talk to us about becoming one of only 75 Certified Masters in the world!

This intensive Certified Master in Training (CMIT) mentoring process takes place over a minimum of 18 months to 2 years and will pair you with other leaders in The Leadership Challenge Community, provide you the opportunity to collaborate with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, as well as with a primary and secondary mentor and “outsight” mentors, in addition to the leaders at The Leadership Challenge®, A Wiley Brand.

If you’re interested, schedule a time to talk with our Founder, Renee Harness. Renee has been facilitating The Leadership Challenge since 1999, has been a Certified Master since 2006, and partners with Tom Pearce of iLead Consulting to mentor more CMITs than anyone in the community.

Set up a conversation with Renee by contacting Mandi Gondol at [email protected]

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