“I recently had the wonderful opportunity to again work with Renee, this time on a project clarifying the vision and values for The Leadership Challenge Community. That experience was another reminder of why Renee is so highly regarded by her colleagues and her clients. She is a consummate professional with a deep knowledge of leadership and leadership development, a commitment to excellence, a dedication to quality, a burning passion for her work, a genuine caring for the people she works with, and a generosity of spirit that keeps giving and giving. I highly recommend her as often as I can as a trusted advisor, expert coach, and masterful facilitator.”

Jim Kouzes

Author, The Leadership Challenge


“I wanted to thank you for such an amazing training last week at the University of Albany. I have never been so eager to begin using what I have learned at a training. We have our first staff meeting since the training and I am so excited today to being sharing the knowledge with my staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing such passion to the training.”

ReBecca Smith

Public Health Programs Manager, Cortland County N.Y. Health Department


“This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. You’ll forgive me, I hope, for not crediting the material too much. Like Maria, I participated in an LPI session about five years ago but this one was different. I credit Tom and Renee for guiding us so well and providing a warm, supportive environment for us to play in. I actually wish this could have been a three or four day workshop! So I send my thanks to you all for being so great.”

A.L., Oxford, UK


“Absolutely amazing learning experience. Renee and Tom are second to none in their ability to facilitate, hold space, acknowledge and support our diverse group. Thanks to everyone for being so passionate. This is how we will change the corporate and business world!”

L.A., Vancouver, Canada


“I can’t say enough about how amazing this past week was. Thank you for everything and especially for this cool way [values experience] of gaining insight into what other people care about. Join them – you won’t be disappointed! This is a top notch leadership development dream team. You will walk away from this experience changed and energized to pay it forward by bringing it home to your team!”

A.W., Toronto, Canada


“Since December, our team has been working HARD to get ready facilitate TLC workshops for the employees within our own organization. Last week we finally got it started! We co-facilitated a two-day session of TLC. We got great feedback as facilitators, and a number of the participants are actually excited about the committing piece. We definitely didn’t expect that for a mandatory training! We just wanted to give a shout out to Tom Pearce and Renee Harness. They make it looks so easy, but we have learned just how much poise, experience and confidence it takes to pull this off. They are great leaders and facilitators, and we are so grateful to have them as examples!”

M.C., Washington, D.C.


“Tom and Renee are not only thought leaders in the Leadership Challenge community, they also “rocked the house” in Denver for another sold out crowd last week. These two are fun, thoughtful, provocative and insightful. I would recommend them highly to any organization considering a deep organizational change using The Leadership Challenge. In a word, they are truly Life-Changing when they present together!”

A.S. Denver, CO