The Leadership Challenge 2019 Star Award Winners

2019 Star Award Winners

Congratulations to Tom Pearce & Renee Harness for being recognized for their contributions in building The Leadership Challenge community of Certified Masters!

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When you liberate the leader within, you can make extraordinary things happen for yourself, those you lead and the world.

Case Study on building culture

Discover how Harness Leadership helped Citizens Energy Group achieved its vision of serving its customers and Indianapolis community with unparalleled excellence and integrity.

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Facilitator Training & Mentoring

Facilitation is very different from “training.” Help your trainers see the difference with the Harness Leadership mentoring process. Our focus is on building the credibility of facilitators with The Leadership Challenge.

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The Leadership Challenge®

Your Guide to Individual and Cultural Leadership Change

There is no better way to get your leaders on the “same page” than creating a language of leadership. And there is no better suite of tools to achieve that common language than The Leadership Challenge®, by James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, and Wiley.

The tools are plenty, and the possibilities for customizing to your needs are endless. Talk with Harness Leadership to learn more about how your organization can utilize these powerful culture changers!

Here are the tools that work:

  • The Leadership Challenge, 6th Edition
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator Training
  • The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI)
  • The LPI Coach Training Program

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